PrimoCentral estará disponible como un recurso más en la CKB de Metalib

En la pasada edición de IGeLU Meeting en Helsinki, los usuarios pidieron a Ex Libris que hiciese lo posible por integrar PrimoCentral, la gran base de datos que está construyendo EL a partir de la agregación de los datos de diversas plataformas, en la CKB de Metalib para que fuese buscable como un recurso más. Parece que EL ha sido recpetivo y está preparando esta integración. Copio el mensaj ede EL al respecto:


Dear MetaLib Customers,


Earlier this year, we announced our plans to launch Primo Central, a centralized, hosted Primo® index of scholarly materials that are harvested from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators and offered as a service to Primo customers. With Primo Central, Primo users will be able to search simultaneously in their library-managed collections and in the Primo Central repository of hundreds of millions of scholarly articles, e-books, and other content, and to instantaneously retrieve a blended result list sorted by relevance.


The end of 2009 will see the beta release of Primo Central, which will initially cover more than 150,000,000 journal articles and e-books. By the time Primo Central is released to the general public in mid-2010, we anticipate the participation of all key publishers, at least a three-fold increase in the number of items, and the inclusion of additional types of scholarly materials.


We are pleased to announce that Primo Central will be available to all MetaLib® customers as a MetaLib “super search” target, included at no extra charge in the MetaLib KnowledgeBase annual fee. Primo Central is configurable through a MetaLib KnowledgeBase adapter; once Primo Central is configured, your MetaLib users will be able to search this new mega-aggregate of scholarly materials and benefit from the proven Primo relevance-ranking algorithm.  Additional information will be sent prior to the release of Primo Central.


Over the past year, at the ELUNA and IGeLU conferences and a series of webinars, we outlined our product strategy and shared with you our plans for the next generation of MetaLib. This next major release—currently referred to as Next‑Gen MetaLib—will enable you to benefit from the key features of MetaLib combined with the user interface and the rich functionality of Primo and from an upgraded metasearch technology, resulting in a user-centric, Web 2.0-inspired environment for your users and a much faster response time. Next-Gen MetaLib will be available at no additional license fee to all our MetaLib customers.


Regardless of the MetaLib version that you are using, keep in mind that you can upgrade to the full Primo system, enabling your users to not only search remote information resources but also to discover your library catalog, local digital repositories, course materials, and other resources that you want to harvest for the Primo index. Furthermore, by including Primo Central with the Primo system, you will expand the information landscape for your users in a way that has never been achievable up to now.


For more information about Next‑Gen MetaLib, we invite you to join a MetaLib update webinar on December 15, 2009. Register for the webinar at our customer center ( 


We look forward to bringing you this major enhancement of your institution’s research environment, the Primo Central index of scholarly materials. 


Best regards,




Nancy Dushkin
Corporate VPDiscovery & Delivery Solutions



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