Nuevo ciclo de propuestas de mejoras en el software de SFX

Dear IGeLU and ELUNA Members,
We would like to kindly remind you of the cutoff date for this year’s SFX Software Enhancement voting cycle as the 2013 voting period will start in five week.
Here is the overall timeline:

  • – Friday, Oct 18, 23:59:59 UTC/GMT, is the last date for adding enhancement requests to NERS ( for the 2013 voting cycle.
  • – Friday, Oct 25, the voting period will begin. We will post a reminder message at that time.
  • – Monday, Nov 25, 23:59:59 UTC/GMT, voting will close.
  • – Monday, Dec 2, the voting results will be sent to the SFX Product Manager.

Currently there are already a few new or votable NERS requests regarding SFX Software; these include 1) requests entered by the membership since the last voting cycle, and 2) the 15 top vote-getters from last year that were not yet considered by Ex Libris. We are also going to add 3) selected requests from Sales Force (or Pivotal) still to be provided by the SFX Product Manager.
If there are further enhancements you would like to see on the ballot please submit them to NERS (

   *** no later than Friday, Oct 18, 23:59:59 UTC ***.
If you had submitted a software request to Ex Libris via Sales Force (or Pivotal), you will want to submit the request via NERS as well because the systems are not synchronized.
For any NERS related questions, including changing your password or determining who your site contact might be, please contact the NERS team at
If you have any questions regarding the joint IGeLU and ELUNA SFX Software Enhancements Process please feel free to contact:
– Margery Tibbetts, ELUNA SFX Software Enhancement Coordinator, <>,
– Michelangelo M. M. Viana  IGeLU SFX Software Enhancement Coordinator, <>,
– Maribeth Manoff, ELUNA SFX PWG Chair, <>,
– Mathias Kratzer, IGeLU SFX PWG Deputy Coordinator, <>

Kind regards
Margery & Michelangelo

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