IGeLU information about Ex Libris migrating PivoTal to Salesforce

Dear IGeLU members,

 We are sending you this email to give you additional information about the switch to a new Ex Libris CRM and our involvement in this. During the IGeLU conference last week in Berlin we had discussions on this with Ex Libris. Therefore we want to share our views and information about the migration and the new Salesforce system. We appreciate getting customer response on the migration process and the new Salesforce system from IGeLU members, because IGeLU should know about this to be able to discus relevant matter with Ex Libris.

*New CRM Salesforce will be implemented

* The US customers have already been migrated, but this weekend the rest of the Ex Libris customers will be subject of the migration by Ex Libris from their former PivoTal to the new Salesforce CRM. More information can be found on the Ex Libris Customer Centre at: http://www.customercenter.exlibrisgroup.com/Pages/Salesforce%2dfull%2drollout.aspx This means that September 15th and 16th NO customer should file an incident via both PivoTal or Salesforce. The only way to use Ex Libris support during the migration process these two days will be sending an email to 24x7hubisr@exlibrisgroup.com <mailto:24x7hubisr@exlibrisgroup.com>.

*About the migration process*

We learned that the migration process did not go very smoothly for all US customers three weeks ago. Especially the handing over of new Salesforce accounts to customers and the correct implementation and configuration of corresponding privileges in Salesforce were not always successful. Based on the experiences of US customers IGeLU discussed postponing the implementation and migration for all other customers with Ex Libris during the IGeLU conference in Berlin. In the end Ex Libris decided on moving on with the process, claiming that the implementation would cause some problems and pain for customers anyhow, whatever the planned schedule would be. Also Ex Libris is convinced that the new Salesforce CRM will improve the customers experience of incident filing and process much. IGeLU has chosen to agree on to the implementation schedule, for these arguments are realistic and fair. But to diminish the customer burden, IGeLU has asked for extra staffing of both the 24x7hub and Salesforce help desk at Ex Libris for the migration window and Ex Libris has acknowledged this, also seen from the experiences with the US customers migration process. If any customer has troubles during of after the migration process, please contact directly either the SFlogin@exlibrisgroup.com <mailto:SFlogin@exlibrisgroup.com> or Customer.center@exlibrisgroup.com <mailto:Customer.center@exlibrisgroup.com> General questions regarding the move to Salesforce (non-login issues), can be address to: el-sf.support@exlibrisgroup.com <mailto:el-sf.support@exlibrisgroup.com> In case you are totally lost and do not get any prompt response on either of above email addresses, please do not hesitate to file an incident to 24x7hubisr@exlibrisgroup.com <mailto:24x7hubisr@exlibrisgroup.com>. The staff is instructed to handle Salesforce issues during the migration period and act responsively.

*About the New Salesforce CRM

* Ex Libris has purchased Salesforce as their CRM. This means all customer relation data and processes will rely on that application. The use of Salesforce has great advantages, for all customer data, including contact information, contracted product information and all incidents related to that products are stored and processed via this integrated system. This will improve the communication and support by Ex Libris and we think that customers will benefit from this. Salesforce is a cloud application, so you should be aware the information will be stored on hosting sites of the Salesforce company, not necessarily being in line with your hosting contracts for Ex Libris products currently hosted in the Ex Libris cloud. Ex Libris has promised to put the relevant information disclosure statements on the Salesforce cloud on the Customer Centre, that’s where you will find out about the exact details on this subject. Meanwhile we advise you, in case of doubt about the Salesforce cloud to be in line with your institutional, regional or national data protection laws, not to enter or attach any sensitive or confidential information into Salesforce incidents. The alternative is to refer inside the incident to a follow up email being sent to the Ex Libris support department having this sensitive or confidential information in it not to be exposed into Salesforce.

*About the migration of PivoTal incidents to Salesforce

* Ex Libris has decided that only the PivoTal open incidents that were touched by either customers or Ex Libris during the last full year are to be migrated and converted to Salesforce incidents. All other PivoTal incidents will reside within PivoTal and remain available in a read only mode. No additions or alterations to the PivoTal system are possible from this date on. PivoTal will stay available in read only mode for as long as necessary. We hope these information help to smoothen the migrations process for your institutions. Regards — Jirka Kende __________________________________________________________________ Jirka Kende, IGeLU Chair Universitaetsbibliothek der FU Berlin Garystr. 39, D-14195 Berlin Tel.: ++49/30/838 5 4256 / 4224 (Sekr.) Fax: ++49/30/838 5 3738 email: kende@ub.fu-berlin.de URL: http://www.ub.fu-berlin.de __________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ub-igelu mailing list ub-igelu@lists.fu-berlin.de https://lists.fu-berlin.de/listinfo/ub-igelu

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