Votaciones para propuetas de mejora de software de SFX

Ha comenzado un nuevo ciclo de votaciones de IGELU para la propuesta de mejoras de software en SFX. Como sabéis las instituciones que son miembros de IGELU tienen cada una 100 puntos para distribuir en la forma que crean más conveniente. En el mensaje adjunto podéis ver el procedimiento de votación. Si algún miembro de Expania, está interesado de forma particular en alguna o algunas de ellas, que lo diga, y se pueden agrupar votos.

La votación se cierra el 25 de Noviembre.


Gaspar Olmedo



To all IGeLU and ELUNA member sites,

Voting for SFX software enhancements using NERS is now open! 
Voting closes on Monday, 25th November 2014 (at 23:59 UTC/GMT).  

There are 26 enhancement proposals which can be SEEN (*) here: 
(*) For the voting link, access the main page: https://ners.igelu.org

Each institution can apply its 100 voting points to one or more Enhancement Request. 

Two special notes, based on past cycles results evaluation:
- different from the SFX KB voting, for software ERs do not apply only 1 (one) point for each ER. NERS Points are like "coins": apply any value between 1 and 100: more points, more chance that the voted ER can be developed by Ex Libris;
- always expend all your 100 points, do not make savings in NERS! If you do not want to vote in many ERs, my suggestion is to give greater value to your wishes, ie, if you wish vote in only one ER, apply all 100 points for the chosen one, or 50/50, 40/60, 20/80 ... 1/99 (any combination) for only two, and so on!

Use your institution’s IGeLU and/or ELUNA login to vote: 
https://ners.igelu.org and click on "SFX Software Enhancement Voting 2014" link.

You can determine your institution's IGeLU and/or ELUNA membership status here:

Please verify as soon as possible that you are able to access NERS, don't wait until the last minute.  For any NERS related questions, including changing your password or determining who your site contact might be, please contact the NERS team at mailto:ners@igelu.org.  Your organization's NERS contact may not have any SFX responsibility at your library, so be sure to check in with them and make sure someone votes for your organization.

Some extra voting tips: 
- Occasionally the ballot behaves badly and does not recalculate your total votes after entering/changing a vote.
If that happens, clicking anywhere on the ballot page outside of the text/votes box seems to get the browser to refresh the total vote count.
- In case of doubt, do logout and then login again. All applied votes remain in NERS.
- At anytime, click on "Print Votes" button to check if all your votes where correctly applied and recorded in NERS.  

If you have any questions regarding the joint IGeLU and ELUNA SFX Software Enhancements Process please feel free to contact:
- Margery Tibbetts, ELUNA SFX Software Enhancement Coordinator, margery.tibbetts@ucop.edu <mailto:margery.tibbetts@ucop.edu>;
- Rich Wenger, ELUNA SFX PWG Chair, rwenger@mit.edu <mailto:rwenger@mit.edu>; 
- Michelangelo Mazzardo Marques Viana, IGeLU SFX Software Enhancement Coordinator, mviana@pucrs.br <mailto:mviana@pucrs.br>

Kind regards
Margery & Michelangelo

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