Presentación de comunicaciones en 2012 Igelu Conference (Zurich, 11 al 13 de septiembre de 2012)

IGeLU is pleased to invite proposals for presentations and posters at its 7th annual conference at ETH-Zurich in Switzerland on 11-13 September 2012.  Information and links are on the IGeLU website  and the conference website


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION:        1 April 2012

TARGET FOR ACCEPTANCE:        1 June 2012


Topics:  Proposals may cover any of the Ex Libris products, the interactions between them, and their interoperation with other systems.  We are interested in users’ experiences of Alma; Aleph and ARC; Voyager; Discovery Solutions (Primo, Primo Central Index, MetaLib, MetaLib+); SFX and bX; Verde and UStats; DigiTool and Rosetta.  Proposals may also cover topics that relate to the wider development of library and information systems within the context of Ex Libris products, e.g.:

  • Innovative use of products
  • Integration of products with each other or with external systems
  • Innovation in interfaces: accessible, mobile, something completely different?
  • Experiences with new products or the latest release of current ones
  • Ex Libris hosted/cloud solution – how is it working for you; how has it changed how you work?
  • Authentication and authorization, e.g., PDS, Single Sign On, Shibboleth
  • Optimising systems and maximising resources
  • Consortia issues

And not least

Guidelines to help you:

For Presentations:


For Posters:

Online Presentation / Poster proposal submission form:

   Submission form:

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