NERS: Plataforma de IGeLU para la solicitud de inclusión de recursos en las CKBs de SFX y Metalib

Los grupos internacionales de usuarios (IGeLU y ELUNA) han puesto en marcha una herramienta para solicitar y votar la inclusión de recursos en la KB de SFX (pronto se extenderá a Metalib). En este mensaje se detallan las condiciones del proceso de votación, por favor leedlo con atención. El acceso a esta plataforma es exclusivo para los miembros de IGeLU. Este mecanismo convivirá con el mecanismo de «Me Too» que mantiene Ex Libris en Pivotal, ya que este último está abierto a todos los clientes y no sólo a los miembros de IGeLU, pero es de prever que las votaciones resultantes de este proceso puesto en marcha por IGeLU tengan bastante influencia en Ex Libris a la hora de decidir qué recursos incluir en las CKBs. Esta es un razón más para hacerse socio de IGeLU.


Gaspar Olmedo

——– Mensaje original ——–



The International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) and the Ex Libris
Users of North America (ELUNA) are excited to announce the launch of the
SFX CKB Enhancement Request entry and voting process in NERS – IGELU’s
and ELUNA’s enhancement request voting system for members.

To enter requests and vote, go to Members can
log in using their IGeLU or ELUNA organizational usernames (passwords
will be sent shortly to site contacts).

The CKB enhancement process is a «me too» style vote that is
continuous – voters can add or subtract their single vote for a resource
at any time, e.g. their vote is always either 1 or 0 for any single
resource. Snapshots of the voting results will be sent to Ex Libris
every 8 weeks. Ex Libris will evaluate the top 4 general resources and
the top 2 regional resources (6 in total) for every cycle. Regional
resources are defined as resources that are particular to a specific
language group or country. We will make the regional determination
based on country phone code of the requesting organization. Regions
will be rotated through to ensure every country has an opportunity to
have the resources they entered prioritized as part of the process.
After the first 6 months, we will review the process with Ex Libris and
see where adjustments are needed, e.g. increasing the number of
resources submitted during each cycle, etc. The motivation for
implementing and managing this process through our own system is to
create more transparency in the CKB update process for our member sites
and we welcome your feedback.

For the first round, we will be starting from scratch. In the future,
we may import resources from Ex Libris’ tracking system, but there are
some logistical issues which prevent us from doing so at this time.
This first voting cycle will be short – 3 weeks, so that we can see the
results of the process for the IGeLU conference. We will be taking the
first snapshot on August 13th, so that Ex Libris can let us know what is
feasible before the conference. While this is certainly short notice,
it represents an opportunity for early participants to have a greater
likelihood of their request being elected during this first cycle. We
recommend that sites start entering requests immediately, vote as often
as you would like, but in particular to do a final vote near the 13th so
you can see the most requests on the ballot.

Finally, please note that we are in the final stages of getting our SSL
certificate for https and there have been some unexpected challenges.
Right now NERS uses a self signed certificate so users will get a
security warning when connecting. Please ignore this warning and accept
the certificate – NERS is absolutely secure, we are just working on
getting a valid certificate and didn’t want to hold up the process as we
worked with the certificate authority.

For any NERS related questions, including changing your password or
determining who your site contact might be, please feel free to contact

For those interested in MetaLib CKB resources, we will begin the entry
and voting process for MetaLib in a few weeks.

Best Regards,

Mark Dehmlow
IGeLU SFX Product Working Group Coordinator
NERS Co-Developer

Mark Needleman
ELUNA SFX Product Working Group Chair

Inga Overkamp
IGeLU SFX Product Working Group Enhancements Coordinator

Kathy Varjabedian
ELUNA SFX Product Working Group Enhancements Coordinator


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