Mejoras de software en SFX como resultado de las votaciones de IGELU

Here are the results of the 2013 SFX software enhancement voting.

Nine enhancement requests were accepted by ExLibris and will be scheduled for future releases of SFX. They are:

(D1) KBManager: On List of Portfolios, highlight active Targets (ERs #2210+#3122)
(D2) List of Portfolios: indicate if the Object Portfolio has as LOCAL attribute: threshold/parser (ER #2724)
(D3) Export tool: addition of column LOCAL_THRESHOLD in the reports (ER #2196)
(D4) Interoperability: Option to hide SFX menu banner in Primo Central (+ Primo?) iFrame (ER #2538)
(D5) KBManager: create more contrast between table rows for SFX version 4 (ER #2147)
(D6) KB Manager: Improve the display of thresholds on the portfolio list for a target (ER #3100)
(D7) ObjectPortfolio lists: Show if a threshold is local or global by giving it a different colour (ER #3113)
(D8) Menu configuration: make display logic rules resistant to target renamings (ER #2163)
(D9) KB Tools: KBART export format for individual targets and/or all active targets (ER #3083)

The current ExLibris development plan is to begin delivery of these enhancements in SP 4.7 which is schedule for release in September 2014. Accepted enhancement requests not included in SP 4.7 will come in subsequent release.

Three enhancement requests were rejected (R) by Ex Libris. These enhancement requests will not be implemented in the foreseeable future:

(R1) eBook Search: Add option to find eBooks by Category/Subcategory (ER #2729)
(R2) SFX Object Lookup/SFX Citation Linker: introduce stemming (ER #2764)
(R3) KB Tools: Add MySQL query interface to SFX Admin Center (ER #3090)

Enhancements were chosen for development by Ex Libris based on a number of considerations (C) including:

(C1) the number of votes received by the users;
(C2) how many can be done in a given time (inversely proportional to the complexity and effort required);
(C3) what effect an enhancement may have on other components;
(C4) the alignment of an enhancement with the existing product roadmap.

The complete list of the accepted and rejected enhancement requests with comments and voting results can be found here:
(You will need your EL Commons login to access this report.)

A total of 81 user group member sites took part in this year’s voting (84 voted in 2012):
* Total of 81 institutions voted
* Total votes cast = 7,402
Summary by User Group:
* Ex Libris Users of North America = 2,702 votes from 29 institutions
* International Group of Ex Libris Users = 4,700 votes from 52 institutions

In addition, we would like to update you on the status of the enhancements (E) from 2012 Cycle.

(E1) Mobile use: add mobile version of SFX menu and MultiObject menu. Planned for release in SP 4.6.
(E2) SFX Public Interfaces: Functional Accessibility. Released in SP 4.5.2 on Aug 26th, 2013. Ex Libris added to SFX an enhancement related to accessibility, in compliance with WCAG Priority 1 (specifically A and in some cases AA) and Section 508. The enhancement applies to the SFX menus (simplified and advanced), multi-object menu, DirectLink banner, CitationLinker, AZ List and eBook search.

Remember, you can add enhancements to the NERS system for the next round of voting at any time, just use your site’s ELUNA or IGeLU login to NERS. 

For any NERS related questions, including changing your password or determining who your site contact might be, please contact us or the NERS team,

Thanks to everyone for your participation in the 2013 SFX enhancement process!

Kind regards,

Margery Tibbetts, ELUNA SFX Software Enhancement Coordinator, <>
Maribeth Manoff, ELUNA SFX PWG Chair, <>
Michelangelo M. M. Viana, IGeLU SFX Software Enhancement Coordinator, <>
Bas Vat, SFX PWG Coordinator, <>

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