Aleph enhancements requests (votación abierta del 17 al 24 mayo)

Annual IGeLU member voting on enhancements for future versions of Aleph will commence on Monday 17th May. This is the 1st round of voting for this version. Online voting will close Monday 24 May at 0900 UTC.
Please make sure that you can access the enhancement database before the voting starts (though you will not be able to place any votes until 17th May) and also check through the ‘votable’ status requests to decide which ones your institution would like to vote on.
Each institution will have 100 votes for its preferred enhancements.
For further information regarding the enhancements process go to the IGeLU website here:
For problems accessing the IGeLU website, refer in the first case to the IGeLU contact person at your institution who should know the access details.
The enhancements database is here:
As stated on the IGeLU web:
You will need the ICAU username/password to access the database. This is different from the one you use to login to the IGeLU website. For any problems with access to the database, please contact Emanuela Pisanu with a copy to Fabrizio Di Fuccia

Kind regards

Marcus Zerbst
IGeLU Aleph PWG deputy coordinator
IGeLU ARC SIWG coordinator

Zentralbibliothek Zuerich
Zurich, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 (0)44 2683211

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